PHOTO CREDIT: Candice Epthorp


About ME

Welcome to my world of words and some of my photos and paintings.

As a print journalist, my work was mostly pre-digital but now a selection can be viewed by you. It mostly belongs to a bygone era when, as a features writer, columnist, theatre reviewer and travel writer-photographer, I had the benefit of working in a very lively professional environment. It was often more free-wheeling and irreverent. Different times. We were not as constrained by budgets, bottom lines, advertisers’ interests and shareholders’ pressure as today’s journalists. We ranged wide and had fun. For more than 30 years I worked in the mainstream media for major newspapers and magazines in Australia and the USA. In between on-staff gigs, I worked as a freelance journalist to support my other writing – plays, short stories, a non-fiction book (‘No Children By Choice’ published by Penguin), prose, poetry, radio dramas (including a Pater World Media Award-winner for Best Original Script) and scripts for TV (including a three-part series for SBS). These days, I’m still writing travel stories, rewriting various novels (agent please!), taking photos for my travel stories and living by my words.

My most reliable fan is my cat.